September 17, 2006

Laowai Hunting...
As I've probably mentioned before I haven't seen many laowai ('old outsider', or foreigner) in Baoding. OK, so I've seen one before yesterday since I arrived 3 weeks ago. As nice as it is to meet Chinese people, I think it's good for my sanity to have a few foreign friends as well. Friday night one of the English teachers showed me where the foreign student and teacher dorms are at Hebei University, so yesterday I decided to wait outside the dorms until a foreigner walked by.
You might call me a stalker yes, but how else do you meet foreigners in a city with so few foreigners?
In any case it worked and I met a foreign teacher and a foreign student. The one laowai I had seen previously, at the bank, was the foreign student I ended up meeting yesterday. We went out for dinner a bit later in the evening, and had a great fish and winter melon soup (we approved the fish flopping in a bucket before it went into the kitchen, and the soup included the head and tail of course).


Anonymous said...

Where are the other "foreigners" from originally? You must of had a lot to talk about!

Jim said...

I can't imagine the expression on your face when you first met! Have they been there long? The student is there to learn Mandarin I would assume, so how did they end up in Baoding?

Mariah said...

oh, winter melon soup.
When can I eat again in Canada???


Stephen said...

Because there are so few foreigners in Baoding, it's a great place to learn Mandarin. It's close to Beijing, but a lot less expensive. Also, you don't get attacked by people forcing you to speak English with them (as happens sometimes in Beijing or Shanghai).
The soup was really good!