October 10, 2006

Chinese/Canadian Thanksgiving...
Yesterday, October 9th, was Thanksgiving in Canada. Being in China, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, although they all know that we eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Anyway, we were able to get most of the Canadians from Baoding together for Beijing Duck (北京烤鸭).
There were seven of us, so we decided to get the fanciest and most expensive duck that we could, as well as a few other dishes as well. The duck was excellent. They start by showing you the whole cooked duck (in the photo), then slicing off some of the crispy skin. Next comes slices of meat that you wrap up with a sauce and shallots and eat like tacos, before a dish that looks like stuffing made with duck and veggies in sesame buns. My second favourite part of the duck was the crispy bones, which have some meat and some seasonings on it. They put the head of the duck, sliced in two, in the middle of the table. There wasn't much meat in it.


Anonymous said...

Are there turkeys and chickens in China, or just ducks?

Mariah said...

How much did you figure out about my letter that I sent to you before you went to China?

Haiman (Mariah^^)

Mariah said...

did you eat the duck head?

I love it!!!!!


Stephen said...

They do have chickens, and I'm sure they have turkeys. They have a larger variety of meat here -I've even eaten donkey.
I didn't try the head, though one of the guys at the table did.