October 19, 2006

Living in China is Like...
One of my favourite China blogs is TalkTalk China, which posts some of the best, and most comical blog posts. Their most recent post is entitled "Living in China is like...", where people are allowed to leave their comments. A few of my favourite responses are:
-Shopping those insanely chaotic crowded sales the day after Christmas/Thanksgiving…on acid.
-Living in china is realising how much you really are a misfit in this world, and realising that doubting your sanity is a good thing to do!
-Watching a badly ripped DVD where the sound, picture and subtitles don’t quite match.
-Dying and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and realizing it’s actually a picture of Mao.
-Groundhog day. You have the same conversations day after day.
Do you have any to add...?

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Mariah said...

I like the second comment.