October 27, 2006

Off to Beijing!
Beijing, the capital city of the most populous country in the world, is only 90 minutes by train from my city. Despite being in China now for two months I haven't made it yet. But I'm off to Beijing this afternoon! I bought a ticket and made a reservation at the Lostus Hostel, recommended by a travelling friend when I was in Xi'an, which is near BeiHai park just north of the Forbidden City. I'm hoping to make it to the Great Wall on Saturday (it's an all day trip, and I want to go before I have to hike up in the dead of a -20C winter). I'll only have time to see a fraction of the city this time, but I've still got the whole rest of the winter to explore the ins and outs of Beijing.


Anonymous said...

Have a great adventure, what is the temperature expected to be while in Beijing?

Dana said...

Woohoo!! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will have a GREAT time. Take lots of picture for us!