December 04, 2006

Jay Chou...
When I first arrived in China I asked my students what English music they knew. Next I asked them what Chinese music I should listen to -what was popular, and what were they interested in.
Without hesitation every student in 30 classes of 70 students shouted "JAY CHOU"!, whose Chinese name is Zhou1Jie2Lun2 (周杰伦). In case you want to know, and he has blood type O and his favourite food is chicken (you'd be surprised what you find on fan sites).
The first music video is called 听妈妈的话 or "Listen to Mother's Words". The first song is a bit slower compared to the second video called 夜的第七章 or "Night of the 7th Chapter". The second video has a bit of a story -a mystery killing and a blue rose. Without further ado, I present Jay Chou.
Ting MaMa de Huo:

Ye de DiQi Zhang:

I'll probably put up some more of his videos in the future.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that some of the words are in english.

Mariah said...

If evil is a movement of pageantry.

----from the second song


Stephen said...

Ya, his music is pretty good. He's got a wide range of styles.