November 09, 2006

French Night Out of Rice?
It's been quite a while since I've spoken any French really, and I've been missing it, so I decided to get together all the French speakers in the city for dinner last night. We were five in total -a newly arrived Francaise from the Paris region teaching here, an Italienne from Turino studying Chinese before she translates a book for her masters, a Francais/Canadien born in Laos, a Quebecoise who's here studying Mandarin for a year, and me the anglo. We had a great time with lots of laughs, and of course the requisite comparisons between Canadian and Parisian French (Marrant? What did you say?), and the comparison of stereotypes (it's vast and cold there, non?). The meal wasn't half bad either, although they didn't have enough rice! We ordered five bowls, but the waitress came back and said they only had four bowls of rice left. Things were made better at the end of the meal though when the waitress gave us all fuzzy animal things to put on our cell phones or onto our key chains.


tim said...

"vast and cold" Hmmmmmmm. I wonder what country that could be?

Currently -10 C here in CalAlta. At least there is no wind. That is when it gets real bad.

What is the weather like? The only city on the weather network is Beijing. It looks rather nice. +4 to +12.

Stephen said...

Yah, it's about +4 to +12 here too, but it feels much colder because it's windy. Plus there's no heating indoors at the school which doesn't help. It's supposed to get to -20C or so by the middle of the winter, but we don't get snow because it's quite dry.