November 26, 2006

Lost in Translation, Revisited...
When I first watched Lost in Translation in Canada a couple years back, I'll admit that I didn't really like it. I know that it got some great reviews but I honestly found it a bit boring.
I bought a copy of Lost in Translation the other day and the back cover seemed a bit lost in translation itself. The DVD features "Longuoges: Englis & Fransais" as well as "Subtitoes:Ftanssis,Espainol" [sic]. I finally had a chance to watch it on Friday, and must say that I loved the movie. It's quite insightful and very funny at the same time.
The two main characters, Bob and Charlotte, are both sleepless, lonely, and totally lost. Lost in the world, lost in love, lost in life. Totally lost. Sure the setting is 'exotic' Tokyo, but it could take place anywhere. People trying to find themselves in the world.
It doesn't sound all the exciting, but it's incredibly funny. Some of the comments they make, things that happen -maybe part of it is that I can relate to it a certain degree, being in a place with a totally different language, culture, food, customs, etc. The times when you just sit there looking out the window, looking at everything and nothing. The times when you wonder how things will work out. The times when you try to hard to figure it out.
If you're lost in some way, you'll probably find yourself in this movie for at least the 102 minutes that it runs.

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