November 18, 2006

Today's Chinese word of the day is pa2shou3 (扒手) or "Pickpocket". I learned today about how skillful Chinese pickpockets are, as one deftly lifted my digital camera out of my pocket. I like the Chinese characters for a pickpocket -"snatch hand". It's quite fitting really.
I had just bought some pistachios, and walked across to street. Buy the time I got to the next corner I realised my camera was gone. It must have been someone in the crowd crossing the street, or just on the other side of the road. I can't believe I was so stupid. On the bright side I guess that means I have to buy a new camera. Luckily though I didn't loose too many photos, just a few from a Korean dinner a few nights ago.
Of course everyone says that it must have been a kid from XinJiang (a large Muslim province in the northwest of China), but the XinJiang Autonomous region is still part of China, isn't it? Quite interesting if you know/think about the politics of that for a second.


Anonymous said...

yes ,XINJIANG is a part of China

Advertising World said...

Always keep you eyes on your belongings in the places such as bus, especially the split second when you get on the bus, street, sometimes people will bump you when they tried to steal your belongings.
Put your belongings in front of you and in the sight that you can see and touch.
Sometimes don't give beggers a lot of money because they are not real beggers.
In China, a lot of people that you can't see are hungry about money and everything that can be changed to money, so don't be a piece of meat in their mouth.^^
Good luck!


Stephen said...

Ya, I don't like the beggers and I don't give them money. It always worries me when they come up and shove the tin can at you then walk along side you poking you with it. I put my hands on my valuables and walk faster.

Mariah said...

yeah, I am so sorry to have had you see all of those things in China, but you just have to work things out. That's all.


Anonymous said...

try not to let this get you down, at least it wasn't your passport.