December 28, 2006

Internet Shattering Earthquake...
There was an earthquake near Taiwan not too long ago which literally shattered the internet. It destroyed some fiber-optic cables used for internet and telephone links between China (also Hong Kong, Singapore, and parts of Malaysia) and Japan, Australia, and the US. I can still access Google but I can't get to my email or any links that Google brings up. According to AlJazeera it could take 2 to 3 weeks to fully fix!
There's more news here, but I can't read it because most of the sites are based outside of China. Here's a story about it from inside China at the China Daily.
I had originally thought it was the Chinese government who had finally gone and censored anything that's not based on a server in China, but thanks to Sinosplice I found out it was just an earthquake of internet shattering proportions.


Jim said...

You don't seem to have much luck with computers!

Jim said...

UMan says you are in!