January 19, 2007

Random Conversation...
This is another Beijing baozi (包子) story. I was walking down the street in Beijing happily eating my baozi out of a bag with chopsticks (I'm in China, you can do that here) when I heard from a group of three university aged students:
#1: 老外吃饱子! (The foreigner eats baozi!)
#2: 哈哈。 (hehe)
Me: 对,我吃包子。 (Yes, I'm eating baozi.)
#3: 啊,他说了! (Ah, he spoke!)
#2: Hello!
#1: 你好! (Hello!)
Me: 你好。 (Hi.)


Jim said...

Hey! I did not know foreigners speak. Amazing. I wonder what other things they can do?

cathryn said...

Hey Stephen, I've got a question, not about your current post (although it was quite funny) but I was wondering on the China Blog List why your blog and a few others have a little heart/mouse beside them. Is it because you've been in the Top 10 for so long?

Stephen said...

No, the little mouse is for anonymouse. Since Blospot.com is sometimes censored/blocked in China, you can click on the mouse and it'll take you to the website with an anonymous proxy.
Websites like Wikipedia are also censored/blocked in China, so this is one of the ways to get access to possibly subversive materials like an encyclopedia!