January 23, 2007

Random (Restaurant) Conversation...
Last night in a restaurant I ordered Gong Bao Ji Ding (KungPao Chicken). This conversation happened in Chinese, here's the translation.
Waitress: Would you like it with chicken or pork?
Me: Chicken.
Waitress: We don't have chicken, how about pork?
Me: Uh, OK. Pork then.
Why did she offer chicken if there wasn't any?


Mariah said...

well, nothing is really serious.
You can do whatever you want.
You can even not read the menu and create a combination and let them cook for you.

Next time remember try it.


Laza said...

At least you felt like you were given a choice ;)

Stephen said...

True, it was the illusion of choice instead of a flat out "meiyou".
Mariah, I have invented a few things at the cafeteria. I get pork changed to chicken, this changed to that, etc. It's nice sometimes.