February 11, 2007

Guangzhou and Macau...
I'm in Macau right now, after spending two days visiting with Adeline in Guangzhou. I'm using the internet at the Tourism Office, so I can't really write much. Macau is a really small but interesting city, and you can see the mix of East and West everywhere. There are lots of old colonial buildings, and remnants of the Portuguese.
I was walking along the street last night and hear some music. It turns out the residents of a street were having an outdoor street party, and we were allowed to join in. I got to hear the only home grown Macanese band (I'll have to post photos later!).


Mariah said...

for your tailor-made place:



it's called "pei2 luo2 meng2" corporation.
it's at Nanjing East 257 Road

Stephen said...

Cheers, we'll see if I have time to get one made!

Mariah said...

Good Luck!!