May 27, 2007

Random (Laowaiing) Conversation...
This one happened during the May holiday at the Summer Palace in Beijing. Walking along a little boy points his grubby finger into my face (no more than 5cm away) and shouts at the top of his lungs:
Grubby: LAOOOOOWAIIIIII! (Foreigner)
LaoWai: (Pointing back in his face) ZhongGuo Reeen! (Chinese person)
Family: hahahahaha
Yup, I had a Chinese moment by pointing my finger and shouting in a little kids face. At least I didn't make that hoarking noise followed by a big spit wad.
But his family really seemed to enjoy the speaking foreigner. Haha. Ain't that funny?


tim said...

You amuse too easily! I think it is a sign of something but I'm not sure what.

jim said...

Actually, I think its great, but you should have followed it by pointing to the parents and others around saying "Another Chinese person, and another, and another. Oh no! I'm SURROUNDED by Chinese people. (Mental picture of "The Scream" comes to mind.) Oh yeh little grubbie fingered child, you have a small nose! And by the way, what happened to the folds in your eyelids?"
I'm not sure what's wrong with me either.

Stephen said...

And you haven't even lived here!

tomato_ice said...

We (Chinese) feel funny when we hear "Guai Lou" (Lao Wai in Cantonese) speaks Chinese. I taught Mandarin in USA before and the way they speak just amusing! :) (by the way, I'm just browsing around and 'stopby' ur blog because I like ur traveling post)

Stephen said...

Ya, I usually get compliments on my Chinese from Chinese people. They're surprised that I can speak it fairly well (i.e. the tones and pronunciation).