September 21, 2007

First Week (or Two)...
I was hoping to make a post at the end of my first week, but it's been so crazy busy that I just haven't had time. The first week of classes was a bit of a shock, just in the amount of legal readings we had to do right off the bat. OK, I know that I'm in law school, but I figured they'd explain some of the terms, or tell you how to write a case brief before they tell you to actually do it. A steep learning curve might be
the way to put it.
This week has been better. More free food as the different student clubs and associations start up -I've attended a few info sessions, but I don't want to commit too much because I know that things can get busier than they are now. I did get to attend a session
by the US Navy Defense Counsel
in the case of U.S. v. OmarKhadr, the 21 year old Canadian who has been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay since he was 15. The speech was really insightful, and makes you wonder why the Canadian government hasn't done as much as the Afghan government to secure the release of one of their nationals. It also reaffirmed everything I've heard about the conditions in Guantanamo and the way the US has gone about ignoring international law, and making up rules that it sees fit for itself only.
In addition to all the uni work, my laptop broke again (I just had the hard drive replaced 3 weeks ago!), so it's now at Staples again getting fixed again. But the police did find the guy who broke into the house, which is good news even if they can't recover what was stolen. At least he won't be out and about still breaking into other places (he broke into more houses after).
And tonight is the annual boat cruise on the Ottawa River. Should be lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear there are still some freebies. have fun on the boat cruise, sounds like you need a break.

Anonymous said...

how was the cruise?

Stephen said...

The boat cruise was great! Except that drinks and food were a bit expensive and watered down (considering we had to pay to get on the boat!). But all in all a lot of fun, and perfect weather too.