November 10, 2007

Continuing HP and Staples Bad Customer Service...
The customer service problems continue with both HP and Staples. I was told last week Thursday that my computer would be ready for pick-up in 5 business days. So when I hadn't heard anything by yesterday (Friday, or 6 business days) at 4:30 I decided to go in. I asked if they had my computer, since it was supposed to have arrived the previous day. Nope, come back next week.
This time I wasn't going to leave so easily. I've got a number of big essays due, plus research and exams coming up in less than a month. After all, I've only had my Compaq laptop for three weeks since the first week of August -that's less than a week a month! Why did I buy a computer if it was just to sit in repair. I said that I wanted a replacement computer, since I was told the computer was shipped on the 29th of October and should have already arrived. "We don't have a computer replacement program", says Bradley. Blah, blah. "I want to talk to a manager." Why waste time with the guy in a red shirt? "I am one of the managers" says Bradley. So I keep complaining, and demanding that they do something, contact HP on my behalf because HP is ignoring me, or at least tell me where my computer is.
So finally Melissa, in a blue manager's shirt, comes over. Same thing. I want to know where my computer is though. I've called HP, and been sent to people on 3 different continents. Kumar didn't even know where I was calling from.
Turns out that Staples doesn't t even know where it is!!! All they know is that HP shipped it on the 29th of October, and it hasn't arrived yet. Supposedly it normally ships in 2-3 days, so why has it taken almost 2 weeks by courrier? Is UPS now using horse and buggy for deliveries within Ontario? And what's more worrying is that HP normally gives Staples the UPS tracking code, which they didn't do with my computer... Sounds very sketchy to me.
Lots more talking and trying to stay calm. I eventually asked for the HP complaint number, and they gave me the toll-free number that I called two weeks ago, was put on hold for 10 minutes, then automatically transferred to a voice mail system which said HP would respond within 24 hours. Two weeks later and still nobody has called, despite leaving my name, number, and computer serial number.
So I'm up a creek, with no computer, nobody knows where it is or when it will arrive, and Melissa has Tuesday off so she said she can't do anything until later in the week.
Shitty service from both HP and Staples I'd say.

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