November 13, 2007

I finally got my laptop back. It took long enough. Turns out that HP sent my computer to Concord (somewhere near Toronto?). That city didn't know why they got my laptop, so they shipped it back to HP. Then HP finally figured out what was happening and sent it to Ottawa... Way to go HP!
They reinstalled the operating system, so all the data on my computer was lost and they didn't back anything up. Luckily I had been taking my notes by hand before the laptop crashed (for a 2nd time in a year), so I didn't lose anything too important.
I still would recommend that you DO NOT buy an HP or a computer for Staples.


tim said...

If you think that having corporate level support helps have I got horror stories for you! We deploy thousands of HP servers and they are expensive with full support but your story is par for course.

With a big account and full warranty plus 3 year coverage you would think their tech support would be better. You'd be wrong.

The 3 ring circus you describe is normal HP (High Priced, Highly Pathetic) support.

Been a while since I checked your blog out. Are you ready for a real down east winter? Ice storms? :)

tomato_ice said...

"Congratulations, congratulations......." hahahaa... finally!

Anonymous said... right. Hope all is well, at least till the end of the school yr.

Stephen said...

I know! I'm so happy to have the laptop back. I just keep hoping that it'll last until my exams are done.
Just to be safe I'm saving everything onto a USB key.

Anonymous said...

I won't be buying an HP anytime soon!!!!!! Thanks for the tip