May 12, 2008

Cheaper if you´re Chinese...
Yesterday I went into a little corner store that happened to be run by a Chinese man. About half the items had no price tags or labels, so I picked up a box of crackers and asked the man in Mandarin:
Me: How much is this?
Him: Huh? (a bit of shock)
Me: How much is this? (still in Mandarin)
Him: Uh, 2.70. (€)
Me: Hmmmm (thinking it´s a bit expensive)
Him: Less expensive, I´ll give 2.40.
Me: OK.
So that´s 30 cents that I´ve saved by taking Mandarin class!


tomato_ice said...

I know that you'll get certain advantages if you can speak french in Montreal....but in France you get discount for being able to speak in Chinese. Interesting!

Diane said...

Haha, I dreamed to do that when I was in the same situation as you in France! Well done!!

Stephen said...

I must say that I did feel a bit proud of myself for getting a bargain! Until I went into a real grocery store and saw something almost the same for another 10 cents less...