May 28, 2008

I've arrived in Morocco, after a 6 hour delay at the airport. Ryanair prides itself on being the largest airplane carrier that's 'on time' in Europe. I even saw a plane at the airport with 'Bye Bye Latehansa' written on it.
Well, first they had to chane the plane's tire, then we had to get off the plane, then the replacement plane didn't come (RyanAir books their flights close together so I don't think they wanted another flight delayed), then they had to fix the engine, then after 6 hours they gave us 5E vouchers to buy food and finally we got a new plane. And then it was finally off to Morocco.


tim said...

'Bye Bye Latehansa'

Too funny and of course you are the exception!!

Stephen said...

That's the way things work!