June 21, 2008

My first stop after Fez was a city in the north called Chefchaouen. It's a beautiful city in the mountains, and the whole medina is painted various shades of blue and white. It was rather warm while I was there, and one day I drank 3 litres of water and still had a headache from dehydration and too much sun. I stayed at a small hotel, which was of course painted blue, right next to the main square and kasbah in the city.
A two kilometre walk up the hill leads to a ruined mosque, which the Spanish built while they occupied the northern parts of Morocco. It was a nice walk, with a great view of the city from the hill that the mosque is on. That was an interesting thing I found in Chefchaouen that wasn't present in Fez or Meknes -the fact that a lot of people addressed me first in Spanish and then in French.
Chefchaouen is in a valley surrounded by some beautiful mountains and hills. While walking up to the mosque I passed by several goatherders with small flocks of goats. The city was also interesting because there were a number of different berber groups that live/trade in the city, as is seen by the different types of headgear (colourful hats, or coloured clothes folded over the head, as opposed to the Arab headscarf).

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