September 26, 2008

"Religious Freedom"...
China likes to tell people that they promote religious freedom within their country. For example, it was thought that putting Bibles into Beijing hotel rooms during the Olympics would help promote the idea that China is tolerant of religion (China Daily: Hotels told to stock Bibles for Olympic visitors).
It's currently the month of Ramadan, when Muslims around the world fast as an expression of their faith and religion. Except in China, where Uyghur Muslims in government buildings are being offered free lunches during the month of Ramadan, restaurants are being forced to stay open, Uyghur government officials forced to sign "letters of responsibility" to not fast or pray, and special groups to "educate" Muslims against fasting have been set up.

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tim said...

They only fast during daylight hours so if you get up early and go to bed late you can get 2 meals a day in. They are also very practical and don't expect kids to do it.

If you offered free early and late meals it would show you cared about the health of your people but I guess that isn't the point the government wants to make. Offering free food during daylight is just rubbing their noses in it.

Off to the mind laundry for some brain washing everyone.