August 26, 2003

Hello from Calgary!
Hey! I'm in the hotel in Calgary (they've got free internet access, cool, huh?!). We were in Banff yesterday, and visited Emerald Lake (I went canoeing), as well as Lake Louise. We had a great dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (mmmmm, you've got to try it if you haven't).
On the way up to Banff, we drove through a lot of smoke, due to the forest fires that are burning throughout BC. The smell was aweful, and it burnt in the back of your throat. I feel so bad for the people (more that 250) who have lost their homes. The good news though was that my great-aunt didn't loose her house.
Banff was great. I love hearing all the different languages (there are a lot of tourists from around the world). I even talked with a French couple (in French), which was cool.

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