August 29, 2003

New VISA Card...
So, I get a leetter from VISA a few weeks ago saying that my VISA card won't be valid past October 30th, because they are discontinuing service on the particular card that I have. (Not due to me, just the agreement between VISA and the company that has its name on the card.) Well, that's just great because I'm leaving for France on September 17th, and won't be back until next summer sometime.
I sent in the form that they attached to the letter, requesting a different type of VISA card. I didn't hear anything back, and I want to get my new VISA card before I'm in Europe, because it won't do me any good back home in Canada.
I called VISA this weekend to see what was happening, knowing that it could take a while to send out the card, get it activated, etc. The guy was very nice and everything, and said that he'd send out a new card to my local bank by this Wednesday (it's now Friday). I went into the bank today to pick up the card (which supposedly had arrived already), as well as to buy some Euros and US dollars, and deposit my last cheque from work. To make a long story short, I was there for 30 minutes, the didn't have the card, and didn't know anything about it. I went to the another branch of the bank (which is on the same road so maybe the guy got the two mixed up), but they didn't know anything about it either.
So, now I'll be calling VISA wondering what's going on. At least I've got just over two weeks to get all of this stuff sorted out...

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