August 30, 2003

Seattle Assistants Meeting...
I drove down to Seattle today to meet up with some other assistants who are heading to France next year.
I guess the adventure started when I got to American customs, or maybe I should say I got in line at the border. It took an hour and a half just to get up to the place where the guy asks you the 5 W's (who/what/where/when/why).
I got into Bellingham an hour after I was supposed to pick up Isaac (I drove him down to Seattle). I was worried that he would have left, but he was still there thankfully.
Surprisingly, we actually made it to Le Panier (a French bakery in Seattle by Pike Place Market) almost on time. Then came the question, "how were we going to find the other assistants?" That was answered for us when Karina asked, "are you looking for someone?"
It was great to meet some other assistants who are heading off to France next year too. There was a girl there, India, who was an assistant in France last year. She was able to answer a lot of our questions, which was great. It's cool to meet other people that love languages, and travelling.
Oh, la belle France! J'peux pas attendre d'aller en France...

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