August 21, 2003

Plane Ticket to Paris...
I finally booked my plane ticket to Paris, France. I was hoping to be able to make an extended stop-over in Montréal, to visit a friend of mine who lives there, but the ticket won't let me do that without paying a lot extra. So that sucks.
My flight out is at 7:30 in the morning, and I arrive in Paris the next morning, after a stop in Toronto. It was one of the last seats available the week that I wanted to fly to France, so I guess I was lucky to get anything.
Once I get to Paris, I guess that I'll stay in a youth hostel for a week or so. At present, I'll be able to go to the three meetings in the Luxembourg Gardens that some of the assistants from the States are organising. I'm looking forward to going and meeting some of the other assistants, who'll be working throughout France.
From there, I'll probably travel for about a week on my way to Lille. I haven't decided where I'll go, but I'm thinking about Normandy to the west of Paris, or the Champagne region or the Lorraine to the Northeast of Paris.
I'm planning on arriving in Lille on the morning of October 1st, where I'll have housing. Then I have an orientation meeting in Lille on October 3rd, where I'll meet all of the other assistants (English, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.) who will be working in the same school district as me.

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