August 22, 2003

Le Pacte des Loups...
I watched "Le Pacte des Loups" ("The Brotherhood of the Wolf" in English) yesterday. I watched it just in French yesterday, but I'm going to watch it with English subtitles today. It's a French horror movie based on a legend about a wolf that ravaged the French countryside killing peasants back in the 1700's. Of course the film directors decided to make some liberal changes for the sake of the plot line.
But it's got some cool fight scenes (HongKong style action, they actually brought in a crew from HongKong to help out). I also loved the editing, and the cinematography was excellent. But the ending was kind of dissapointing.
The weird thing is that it's rated 12 in France, but 18A in Canada (well, 13+ in Québec).
Now I want to see "L'auberge Espagnol", but I haven't been able to find it over here. It's a comedy about students from several European countries and what they live through while going to a university in Barcelona. I've heard from several people that it's a pretty good movie (and it's got the girl from Amélie [that was another great movie!] in it!)

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