August 13, 2003

Tracker trouble...
Well, I thought it would be a cool idea to put a tracker on the page, just to see who was stopping by, and how often, blah, blah, blah. So, I picked a site that does tracking, but I've been having problems with it. Their server is down more often that it's up (like 4 days down, half a day up).
I've been checking out other blogs, to see what trackers they use. So, I've decided to switch trackers. I think that I'll run the two simultaniously for a bit, but I'll eventually get rid of one.
Before I put in the new tracker today, I had 70+ unique hits in just over a month. I also had about 70 English hits, 6 Korean hits, 2 Japanese hits, 1 Spanish hit, and 1 'other' hit. If you're the person out there who speaks 'other', let me know! I'd love to learn some of your language.

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