August 14, 2003

Vacation travel...
I believe that I get just over six weeks of vacation during my seven months of work in France. The first week comes at the end of October.
I went out and bought the Lonely Planet guides to France, and Europe on a Shoestring this week. Reading through them and seeing all of the places I can go is so exciting! One place that I for sure want to visit is Morocco. My mom isn't too keen on the idea (you'll get sold into slavery, drugged, lost, kidnapped, arrested, etc.), so I've been easing her into it for the past two months or so.
Apart from Morocco, I'd also like to go to Belgium (a return bus ticket from Lille to Brussels is less that $20 CAD), the Netherlands, Switzerland, maybe part of Germany, Spain, Glasgow (to visit relatives?), and London. How could I forget, I'd also like to visit Italy and Eastern Europe. Not to mention France, since I'll be living there. Yah, I know that I'm not going to get to see everything this time, but that's my wish list for now, and years to come.

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