September 20, 2003

Bienvenue à Paris...
I am finally here. Firstly, I have to say sorry for the typing. I'm not used to the keyboard. I wanted to sign into MSN, but I don't know how to get the at sign yet...
If you've sent me an email, thank you very much. I haven't replied because I've been so busy, and these keyboards are soo hard to get used to !
Anyway, everything is great here. Well, besides the fqct thqt there was no water at the youth hostel the first night, but they fixed the problem.
The weather is great. It's about 28° C, it's almost too hot.
The assistants meeting yesterday was great. There was no one from Lille, but a lot of Paris assistants. There were about 45 people there, and a few of us went out for dinner after.
Mmmmm, French food. OK, so I haven't had a lot yet. But I ate in a Tibetan resaurant, which was cool. But the French food that I have tried was great!
I'm going to another assistants meeting tomorrow, then I'll head to Verdun. I've been taking photos, but I can't get them online yet. I think that I'll have to wait until I get to Lille.
Today is French heritage day, so entry to a lot of museums is free. I went into the crypt where the kings of France are buried (some for over 1200 years!) There's a lot of amazing history here. It's really incredible, and I can't really descirbe it. I mean, when you walk by buildings that are literally thousands of years old, and yet they're sitting right beside buildings that where built last year. It's quite cool.
By the way, I got another email from one of the teachers at one of the schools where I'll be working, as well as from a family in the south of France that I know. Hopefully I'll get to visit them. I also got an email from a girl that will be living in the same building as I am. She said that the place wasn't too bad, but the room was small. There's also a British assistant living in the building.
There's a lot left to say, but I don't know how much longer I have on the internet. Besides, I have to buy a Carte 12-25 (I had to come online to get the address of the school where I'll be working) now. It will give me 25-50% off train rides !
Hope all is well, and I'll be writing more, hopefully soon...

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