September 27, 2003

Hello from Reims...
If you're wondering, it's pronounced like RANCE, but the A is long and very nasal.
Anyway, I spent the last two days in Chalons. It's a relatively nice town, but the hostel wasn't too great. You know those guys who go around to your table trying to sell you roses? Well one of them lived in the hostel. Needless to say I'm glad to be out of there.
Reims is a really nice city. It's where the kings of France were crowned, and the cathedral is really amazing. I like it a lot better than Notre Dame in Paris.
I'm heading to Lille on the 29th, where I'll spend two nights in the hostel before moving into my new place on the 1st. It still seems like a holiday, especially since I've been travelling around. It'll be weird finally settling in somewhere though, and living in France for a year.

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