September 03, 2003

School in France...
I've found what I think that I'll do for school in France. I won't be taking normal classes (thereby saving myself from suicide), but I'll be taking a French class for foreign students at one of the universities in Lille. It's offered in the evening, so it won't interfere with my work. It will also prepare me to write the DELF/DALF, which are French competency exams administered by the French government. They are a series of exams that will allow me to study in a French university in the future (if I want to). The results of the exams are valid for life, unlike the TOEFL exam wich is only good for two years.
The only problem is that the course goes until the end of May, but I finish working the end of April, so I'll have to pay for a month of living in Lille, without making any money to support myself.

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