October 21, 2003

Moules et Frites and Vacances de Toussaint...
I went out last night for moules et frites (mussels and fries). It's the first time that I've tried mussels, and they were excellent! OK, so they look repulsive, but they taste pretty good. I went out with some of the MAJT assistants (Genevieve, Suzanne the Brit, Suzanne the American, Caroline, and Aili). I just had the basic moules et frites, and they were expensive enough (about 10Euro), but I wouldn't mind trying some of the other varieties, like garlic or cream.
Believe it or not, but I'm now on vacation. That's right, I've got 1.5 weeks of vacation before I start working again. I just got internet access at school today, and now I'm going on vacation so I can't get access here. I'll still be updating, and reading my emails though.
I haven't decided where I'll go yet, but I can't go far because I don't have a lot of money. I envy the British assistants that can take a train home for the week.
That reminds me, one of the British assistants is supposed to be in the newspaper today. They did an interview with her about the work that she's doing, and what she thinks of things here.
I'm going to one of my English teachers' place for dinner tomorrow night. He's been vachement sympa (really kind) and helpful. His wife also works as and English teacher in another school, and she is inviting the English assistant from her school (who is American I think). Anyway, it should be fun, and it'll be nice to have a home-cooked French meal!
I get to go to England for free! One of my schools is doing a fieldtrip to England in the middle of April, and they said that I can go along if I want to. We'll be taking a boat from Calais to Dover, then travelling through the south of England, before hitting up London for a day. The accommodation is with families, so I won't have to supervise kids at night. The trip is only 4 days or so, but I get to go for free, how cool is that?!
Did you know that 6 people have found my site by typing McMadagascar into a search engine??
Anyway, I should be off to walk to the bus stop, to catch the bus, to hop on the metro, to walk back to my place and make some lunch.
Bonne vacance and A+

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