October 20, 2003

Of Cake, LOSC, and Art...
Well, on Friday night I went to Maria's (Italian) birthday party. A bunch of us from the MAJT (the apartment where I'm living) went. We had wine and cake, and sang happy birthday in numerous languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese...) We had to leave at midnight though to catch the last metro back.
On Saturday evening I went to a football/soccer match. I was walking through the town centre, and saw the LOSC (the local football club) boutique. I new that there was a match that evening against Ajaccio (from Corsica), but I didn't know how much the tickets were. I went in with some friends, and found out the tickets were free that evening for students. I whipped out my ISIC (International Student Identity Card), and got my free ticket.
I almost froze ( it was 8 degrees) whilst watching the game, but it was fun despite the 0-0 score. I'm starting to learn some of the cheers.
Yesterday, after having a great fry-up (bacon, eggs, hash browns) with the English speaking assistants, I went to a photography exhibition at the MAJT by the artist in residence (Helene Marcoz). She has taken some amazing photos. Most of them are looking out different windows of the same building, showing how you can look at the same thing, but from different perspectives.

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