October 16, 2003

Yogurt, Bread, Cheese, and Chocolate...
I think that I've become addicted to yogurt. I never liked it before I came to France, but I've started eating a lot. There are so many varieties and types, it's great. Right now my favourite yogurt is sugarcane, but I want to try the chocolate one. The lemon/lime was ok, but I preferred the vanilla yogurt.
And the bread, when it's fresh nothing compares to it, but when it's old and hard it would make a good weapon. I want to try making French toast with some good, thick brioche bread.
And French cheese, what need I say? I bought myself a round of Camembert the other day, and I bought some Emental yesterday. There are so many kinds of cheese that I won't be able to try them all.
The chocolate is pretty good, but it's better and cheaper in Belgium. I was in the grocery store yesterday, and I saw a chocolate bar that was 99% cocoa. Can you imagine? Back home chocolate is like 30% if you're lucky.

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