December 27, 2003

Day trips...
I've been taking advantage of the fact that I'm in the south of France and that I've got some free time by taking some day trips from Cannes.
Yesterday I went to Antibes, which is between Cannes and Nice. It's a beautiful town overlooking the Mediterranean, of course. I had a sandwich lunch on the old ramparts of the town, looking out at the water. It was so relaxing. Then I went through the Picasso Museum which is in an old Grimaldi castle (they're the family that owns Monaco). I then wandered through the narrow old streets, before catching the train back.
Today I went to Nice. I climbed up the Citadel for an amazing view of the city, then walked through the old city with its brightly coloured buildings and churches. Then I strolled down the main drag with its expensive boutiques (I'm poor so I didn't go shopping). I was then lucky enough to be able to catch the end of a service at the Russian Orthodox church in Nice, which was amazing even though I didn't understand a thing that they said (my Russian isn't too good).
Tomorrow the plan is to go to St. Tropez. I'm not sure what I'll be doing on Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning I'm heading to Paris for the New Years celebrations! I only have a reservation for a specific car on the TGV (high speed train), but not for a seat since all of the seats are reserved.

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