December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas...
OK, I know that this is sad that I'm blogging on Christmas Day, but why not? The big turkey lunch is over, I just took a siesta then called my parents, and dinner isn't until 21h.
Yesterday I had an amazing dinner last night. Seriously.
First, it started at 20h with appetizers and champagne. Not cheap champagne, but the good stuff.
Then we moved to the table for the seafood course. I'm not exactly sure what the English name is for what I ate, but it's like lobster, just without the pinchers. There were also prawns, and other stuff, but I only tried the lobster like thing because I knew that the best course was to come.
The main course was frog thighs, in a cream sauce with wild mushrooms. Now I know what you're thinking, but they're actually very good. Well, they don't really taste like anything other than white meat. It's the sauce that makes the dish. The cool thing though was that I got to help de-thigh (does that verb exist in English? I know it does in French) the frogs. There's hardly any meat on those things.
After the main course came the cheese. There were five kinds of cheese, including a chevre (goat cheese).
Next came the dessert. We had an ice cream buche de Noel. A buche de Noel is a cake type thing that's decorated like a log (usually). Anyway, it's really good. Then we had tea and coffee, with a variety of chocolates. The whole meal was over at midnight.
Yah, that was my amazingly good Christmas Eve meal.
I'm planning on visiting a few cities in the south of France this week. I'm hoping to go to Nice, Grasse, and St. Raphael, although that could all change. The plan is still to head to Paris on December 31st for New Years.
Happy Holidays, and Joyeuses Fetes!

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