December 03, 2003

The Day the Water Didn't Stop...
Today was that day.
My shower has one of those buttons that you have to hit, and the water goes on for a period of time, then automatically shuts off. There's no hot or cold control, just whatever happens to be available. When I first moved into the building, the water would go on for only 6 seconds at a time (I timed it several times just to be sure). Then is started to get longer, until one day it didn't go off until I hit the button a second time.
Now why would I complain about that?
But today the shower just wouldn't go off at all. I went down for breakfast, and left my shower running. When I came back 30 minutes later, it was still running and my small room (read hole-in-the-wall) was really hot and misty. No matter how many times I hit the button, no matter how hard I hit the button.
So, I go ask the building handy-man if he can help. He tried hitting the button with a pair of pliers. Then he opened up the back of my shower (which is in the hallway - don't ask). He ran his hand along the pipe, then felt some water dripping and exclaimed, "Putain!". That's not good.
He called the building plumber (it's lucky he happened to be in!) who then proceeded to fix my shower.
Now I'm back to a 6 second shower.
Bonne courage à tous

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