December 23, 2003

Hello from Cannes...!
Well, I've finally arrived in Cannes. When I left Lille it was cold and dark and there was snow on the cars. I look out the window here in Cannes and it's bright and sunny and I can see palm trees and the Mediterranean!
So, a quick catch up on what I've done since I last blogged:
-I watched "Le Retour", a Russian film by Andrei Ziaguintsev
-I walked to the train station in Lille at 5 in the morning
-I rode first (1st) class on the TGV to Lyon (second class was full)
-I walked through Lyon with my big backpack while it was snowing
-I had a real shower (no six second shower) for the first time in a long time!
Things that I've learned since I last blogged:
-European movies often end in tragedy
-I prefer snow to rain
-The south of France is much nicer than the north
-You never know when someone from your past is living close to you in a foreign country (two long stories)

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