February 17, 2004

Fire Alarm...
There was a fire alarm in school today (I didn't know what the weird buzzing was, so I asked the kids, and they said it was the fire alarm). Anyway, two ladies came to the door to tell us to get out. I went to the room next door to ask the teacher, who was working with the other half of the class that I was working with, what I was supposed to do. She looked down the hallway, didn't see anyone, so said that I should stay in the room, and not go down with the kids into the courtyard. So we both stayed in the school through the fire alarm.
So I keep teaching through the fire alarm, and I see all of the other teachers and kids lining up in the courtyard. Another lady came by the room and told us to get out, but the teacher had told us to stay, so we stayed.
Then the alarm stopped, after a few minutes, and we just kept working. Until the principal came knocking at the door with a pad of paper in his hand. He looked mad, and said that we were supposed to have evacuated. I said that I didn't know what was happening, and that the teacher told me to stay. He went next door, talked to the teacher, then came back. He said that there are no longer any false alarms, and that we must evacuate whenever there was that weird beeping noise.
It turns out that last year they had a different system that the kids could easily tamper with, so there were many false alarms. Not so this year, which is why it was a real fire drill, and we were supposed to evacuate the building.
I felt really stupid, even though it wasn't my fault that when we were supposed to evacuate the teacher told me to stay (she thought it was a false alarm like last year).
Why does this happen to me?
Oh well, I'm going to Italy in a week, and I finally got money from the CAF (a government organisation that helps you to pay your rent if you're under-paid, like I am).

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