February 19, 2004

Happy Holidays...
It’s vacation time!!!!!! In case you can’t tell, I’m very excited to be on winter break now.
I’m going to Italy on Monday, by bus (only 24 hours one way). I’ll arrive in Florence on Tuesday, where I’ll spend a few days before going to Rome for three nights. I know that three nights in Rome isn’t a lot, but I’m only in Italy for 10 nights. I’m hoping to see enough that I want to come back. And, it’ll just be nice to get out of Lille for a while. Then I’m planning on going to Naples for a day or two, before heading up to Florence again to see some of the surrounding cities (Pisa, Sienna, etc.).
All in all, it should be a great vacation (it will at least be better than spending two weeks here). I’ve been saving up for a while, so I’m going to treat myself on good Italian gellato, coffee, and biscotti. Not to mention the pasta and pizza, or the olive oil and tomatoes.
To everyone else, I wish a happy holidays (if you have them), or happy continuation of school/work in hopes of happy holidays : )

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