February 23, 2004

French Fashion Trends...
I’m going to talk about a trend that I’ve noticed, and that I hope never ever makes it across the Atlantic. If you’ve lived in France for a bit this year, or maybe even just visited it, I’m sure that you’ve noticed the "I look cool by tucking my trousers into my socks" trend. I’m not joking, many of the French NED’s (Non-Educated Delinquents), and not-so-NED’s, have started tucking their trousers (be they jeans, track pants, or whatever) into their socks. It looks really ridiculous.
A lot of French fashion I can handle, and think looks rather sharp, but not the sock-tucking-in-thing.
Sorry, but I really hope that the trend dies out soon, and never leaves the country. At least I’ll never tuck my pants into my socks.

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