March 30, 2004

The Lady who Does Nothing...
There's a lady who works at one of my schools who does nothing. Literally. She was hired by the State to work in the school, because she didn't have a job (or I guess the PC term is 'under-employed').
OK, maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but I really don't know what she does, apart from leading a dance club for an hour on Monday during the 1.5 hour lunch break. She putters around the office, and staff room, and gets to go on school field trips as a chaperone (she went to Germany with us). When I need to get my photocopy limit renewed (I can only do 51 photocopies), I have to track her down (which can be difficult, even though she doesn't teach a single class) and ask her to renew my limit.
France has got quite a high unemployment rate, and I guess that this is one way for them to lower the official rate.

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