April 01, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!
Hey, I just thought that I'd say Happy Birthday to me, since it was my birthday yesterday.
I had a relatively calm day. I got woken up at 5h30 by some guy dragging his bike down my hall, at 7 by the garbage truck, at 7h30 by the sun, and then finally at 8 by my neighbour playing his loud music. I had a nice breakfast, then talked to the accountant at the foyer where I live to get some money things worked out (which they did!).
A friend took me out for lunch and ice cream, then I went shopping and spent too much money on new clothes.
My parents called, but I missed it because I think that I was trying on a new pair of trousers when my mobile vibrated. But they left a message and sang me Happy Birthday :)
I went to bed relatively early, because I had to get up early for school today, and I've got six hours of teaching to endure (I'm 1/3 of the way done right now!).
The teacher who was supposed to give me a ride at 7h35 called me at 7h30 to say that he is sick, so I got to school 1.5 hours late.
Behn ouais, c'est ma vie en France...

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