March 15, 2004

My Class from Hell...
You may think that I'm joking, but the 4D class that I have to work with has been called the "class from hell" by several teachers at the school. In fact, when I say that I have the 4D, they all gasp with horror.
Just before the winter break, all of the teachers that work with this class (except me of course) had a crisis meeting (principal included) as to how to deal with them. If they are having crisis meetings, why am I working with these kids.
One of them, was sick one day (unfortunately I didn't have the class that day), and a teacher said in the staff room, "Halleluiah, he's sick!!!!! I hope that he's in the hospital for at least a week!" Of course that sounds mean, but you've never had him in a class of yours.
The first time that I ever had him in a class, he wouldn't stop disturbing everyone else. At first I moved him to the corner by himself, then threatened that I would send him back to the teacher (that's the most punishment that I'm allowed to give out). He kept interrupting, so I filled out the form to send him back to the teacher upstairs. When I told him to leave the class, he said "I'm not going. You can't make me leave. You have no authority, you can't kick me out of class, get lost", and other things that I will not repeat. He eventually left.
Then, I saw him in the cafeteria the following day at school. I will not repeat what he said, for risk of offending the younger readers.
A girl in another class, after a particularly bad group, came up to me after class and apologized for her section. She then said, "we must be the worst class you have." I said "no, I have the 4D". She looked stunned then said, "OK, I guess we're not nearly as bad as them."
Well, I could go on, but what fun would that be.
Only five weeks left!!!
A+ tout le monde

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