March 18, 2004

No, I don't...
I have to vent a bit, if you don't mind.
I'm sick and tired of people coming up to me and asking me if I have a cigarette to spare, or a light (literally "of fire" in French). I don't smoke, nor have I ever tried. NO, I won't give you a cigarette, or a light. If you can afford to buy cigarettes (around 5€50 in France for a pack), you can afford to buy a lighter.
I got really fed up once with a girl who kept following me, that when she finally asked me for a cigarette, I snapped back, "no, I don't have a cigarette. I don't smoke, it's bad for your health".
So, if you're going to smoke, buy your own cigarettes and lighters, and quit harassing everyone else.

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