May 08, 2004

Hello from Sweden...
Once again I'm battling with a different keyboard. I guess this one is more like the Canadian one, but I've gotten used to the French one while in France.
Anyway, I made it to Stockholm OK thanks to a cheap flight with RyanAir. You've got to love that company.
Stockholm was beautiful. The whole city is a bunch of islands, with brightly coloured buildings, and a lot of copper roofs (which have turned green with time). The weather was a bit dodgy the first day, but the blue sky came out the second day. It was really amazing.
I'm surprised by how many people here actually have blond hair. I thought that it was just a stereotype, but it's definitely based on reality.
I'm now at my friend's house, enjoying the quieter Swedish countryside (there are 1000 people in the village). The nature here is really beautiful. I've been deprived of trees and water for so long, that it's wonderful to see them again.

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