June 06, 2004

Carb Crazy...
I don't know what happened to North America while I was in Europe, but it seems to me that almost everyone has gone carb-ohydrate crazy. The "Atkins Diet" has taken over, and everyone is "counting their carbs".
Now get this, they now offer "carb-reduced" pizza, wine, beer, ice cream, bread (how can bread be carb-reduced??), and even Coca-Cola. It just boggles my mind how obsessed people have become over this thing since I left.
If you want to loose weight, eat less and exercise more. With the Atkins diet, you loose the weight in water, but what about your cholesterol from all the meat and eggs? You're best off just to live a balanced life-style.


Anonymous said...

can i get more info?

Stephen said...

More info about what??