January 07, 2005

Bumming Around Vancouver...
I headed into Richmond on Tuesday, after a tutoring gig, to visit Jonathan. We were neighbours and best friends when we went to elementary school, and I still lived in Richmond. We went for dinner at Kisamos, a Greek restaurant in Steveston (which was excellent by the way), then headed into Vancouver for some bubble tea. I love BBT, and I don't know why. I wish there was one out this way (there was, but it shut down because there wasn't enough business).
On Wednesday morning I went into Vancouver to visit Sophia, who's back from U of Montreal for Christmas. She was an English assistant in Lille, and who happened to live on the same floor of the MAJT with me. (As a side note, she finally got her deposit money back, after requesting it when she left in late April. They cheque was dated early July, the letter mid-September, and the letter posted December 16th. A few more days, and the cheque would be invalid, because you can only cash them within 6 months of the date on the cheque.) We went for lunch, and had many cups of tea.
Later in the afternoon, I headed out to UBC (University of British Columbia) to visit Robin, who went to my uni for two years before transferring out. After chatting for a bit, we made a Dairy Queen run with several of her housemates, for blizzards (which is odd, considering how cold it was, and that it snowed the next day...).

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