January 09, 2005

I finally watched the film Hero with Jet Li last night, and loved it. I first wanted to see it when I was in France last year, but missed it at the cinema by one day (they had just pulled it the night I finally went out to see it). Then it came out in North America this year, but I didn't get to see it until I rented it last night on DVD.
It's a Chinese film, about four assassins (I hope I didn't spoil the plot), and their plan to assassinate the king. The cinematography was absolutely stunning, and the fight scenes were reminiscent of those in Crouching Tiger. The colours were incredibly vivid (colour plays an important part in the film), as were the locations where it was all shot. I'll probably watch it again tonight before I have to return it tomorrow.
I also bought Run Lola Run with Franka Potente (also in Bourne Identity/Supremacy) on DVD yesterday for $7.99+tax (about 6 Euros or 6 USD total). It's probably my favourite German film, although Good Bye Lenin! is pretty good too. Run Lola is basically three vignettes, showing how changing one thing can dramatically alter the outcome of the overall event. As one guy from the National Post put it, "Run Lola Run is like Viagra for the eyeballs... The most thrilling and creative film I have ever seen!"

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