January 30, 2005

A Very Long Engagement...
I'm not talking about people I know who are getting married (although I found out that another girl I graduated with a few years back is engaged), instead I'm talking about the movie.
A Very Long Engagement (or Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles in French), is a French film that is about a 19 year old lady who's fiancé has gone off to fight in the First World War. It's based on a book written by Sebastien Japriscot. I don't want to give too much away, because there are a lot of plots twists and turns.
It's quite frankly an amazing movie. It was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes, and I can easily see why. It's a love story, an anti-war story, and a mystery. The scenes from the trenches were so incredibly realistic, it brought back memories of seeing some of the WWI sites in France.
It was filmed by Jeunet, who also filmed Amélie. Audrey Tautou is in it (also from Amélie, and who'll be in The DaVinci Code when it's filmed), and so is Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster speaks French in the movie, and without any accent. I've heard before that she's fluent in French.

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