February 20, 2005

Talking to Americans...
I don't know if you've heard of Talking to Americans (it's only on Canadian TV), but it's pretty funny.
Here's a short clip where the host is talking to Americans, and the governor of a state (I don't remember which). Basically, they're all congratulating (or encouraging) Canada to switch from the 20 hour French clock (which we currently use) to the 24 hour clock that's used in America.
No offense intended towards Americans. I know some that are quite smart.


Lils said...

hehe! i adore talking to americans... i always wonder how many americans are that gullible/stupid... like how many ppl do they have to go through to actually get the ones dumb enough to film. ahhhhhhhhh here's to perpetuating cdn stereotypes about americans :P

Curious said...

This is so ridiculous. Why does the jealousy of America turn the countrymen of every other nation into cheap and whining neanderthals? The thing is, if the same thing was done by Americans in relation to Canadians, you'd be complaining about it. It's just so silly. Kind of pathetic, too.